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NationLink Wireless

NationLink Wireless NationLink Wireless NationLink Wireless

2007 — Franklin, TN

I began working with NationLink Wireless in 2006 as a freelance designer working on client mailings, advertisements, business overview flyers, and logo design. Since this time I have continued working on design problems as well as developing online solutions for their many business groups, including the Employee Value Program and The BlackBerryGuys.

NationLink Wireless Overview

NationLink Wireless® operates as a national reseller of paging airtime and equipment, an agent for cellular telecommunication carriers, a national distributor of GPS (Global Positioning Systems) tracking and location solutions, a consultative partner for enterprise clients in the area of management of wireless assets and expenses as well as an experienced data consulting firm in the area of RIM BlackBerry and other wireless data deployments, support and training. A full business overview can be found here.


Tags: Programming Web Development Database Design Graphic Design

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