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Infrared Serial Communication

2005 — Lawrence, KS

Designed and implemented an optical transceiver that can be connected to a computer through its serial port.

  • LM555 - Timer - Configured for continuous, stable operation at 40 kHz.
  • RS232 - Line Driver - Interfaced with a PC via the DB9 serial port standard and HyperTerminal.
  • TSOP1140 - IR Receiver - Peak reception at 980 nm at 40 kHz.
  • TSAL6100 - IR LED - Peak emission at 980 nm.
  • 74HC4538 - Retriggerable one-shot - Creates a pulse used to block transceiver reception during transmission.

Project Findings:

  • Transceiver communicates at a maximum range of 20 feet.
  • Operates at up to 4800 baud.

Media: None

Tags: Engineering

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