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Abenity Resource Kit

September 19th, 2011 — Foothill Ranch, CA

The Abenity Resource Kit is a box designed to present a physical presence for an online business. This box holds promotional material to help Abenity’s clients promote their new online Discount Program to their members. It is designed to contain a welcome letter, business card, plastic membership cards, Saving Guides and other promotional materials. The goal was to make the Resource Kit something that clients are excited to keep at their desk to help them easily share information about their discount program with their members. The production team on this project consisted of a local product company, their overseas manufacturer, myself and the Abenity CEO.

During the course of nine months the production team took the project from concept to finished product. Starting with an idea of the materials that the kit needed to contain I proposed a design that would hold the materials and make a great presentation piece. After the team decided on the final structure I rendered the box as a digital 3D model. This rendering was passed to the manufacturer for a pricing estimate. After manufacturing specs were defined we began the graphic design process. Over a dozen design concepts were explored before we felt good enough to have a functional prototype created. The prototype looked good, however I made the call to adjust the contrast on the front and change the flap from tan to blue along with some other minor changes. With these changes made we approved a final prototype and ordered the boxes for a production run of 200.

The box is built of glossy cardboard and the inside is finished with a black velvety material. Magnets are embedded in the front flaps to ’snap’ the front closed and ensure that it does not move about freely. The Resource Kit is a beautiful product that Abenity is proud to send to its clients.

Dimensions: 8.88" x 10.00" x 2.00"

Media: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Blender


Abenity Resource Kit Inside of Abenity Resource Kit Abenity Resource Kit Prototypes Abenity Resource Kit Abenity Resource Kit Print Wrapper Abenity Resource Kit Model Abenity Resource Kit Sketch

Tags: Industrial Design Graphic Design Digital Modeling

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