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Roger Hill Volunteer Center

Roger Hill Volunteer Center

2006 — Lawrence, KS

The Roger Hill Volunteer Center serves as a hub for volunteer opportunities in Douglas County. The center maintains a current database, web site and booklet of volunteer needs in Douglas County.

This was one of the fastest, most fun, and most effective web projects that I have done. RHVC already had a web site, but it was difficult to update and not that visually appealing. The program director wanted to figure out a way that she could update the volunteer listings on the site using her current Microsoft Access system. Together we designed a process that allowed her to manage her business in as usual, and then "send it through outer space" to the web site. Additionally we set up a calendar and management page to create an easily updatable calendar.


  • Web site design
  • PHP/MySQL Calendar Admin System
  • MySQL Database maintenance
  • Database integration between Access and MySQL


Tags: Programming Web Development Database Design

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