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Center for Community Outreach (CCO)

Center for Community Outreach (CCO)

2006 — Lawrence, KS

The Center for Community Outreach is a student-run, student-funded organization that strives to enhance and expand meaningful student involvement in community service. CCO works to create a culture of service at the University of Kansas and build strong ties with the Lawrence community.

Technology Director at CCO

While at the University of Kansas, I served for two years as the Technology Director of CCO. During this time I designed my first user database to record the volunteer activity of students at the University of Kansas. In its first year, the web site registered 2,000 users and recorded tens of thousands of volunteer hours. This streamlined the volunteer management process for the two co-directors and provided valuable statistics for use in grant requests.

The site also allows the program coordinators to publish their events on the CCO calendar and record student participation at each event. Furthermore, the student volunteers can login to track their own service record and present as evidence for student organization requirements.


Tags: Web Development Database Design

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